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People of Gambia

The people of the Gambia belong to different ethnic groups and most of them migrated to this part of Africa for different reason. The biggest ethnic group is Mandinkas and they are believed to come from Mali during the Mali Empire under the leadership of Sundiata Keita to present-day Gambia in search of agricultural land. Other tribes like Sarahules were also the Soninke people during the 5th century in the Ghana Empire and they live in the upper river region in the Gambia. The Fulas, Manjakos and Wolof are major tribes living in the Gambia. Jolas are believed to be the first settlers in the Gambia and they can be found in the western part of the Gambia called Foni.

The people of the Gambia speak different languages, have different cultures and traditions but live together peacefully and accept each other’s customs, values and religion. They also give open arms to visitors and guest and share their friendly nature with everyone, which prompts it to be called the “smiling coast” and your heaven in Africa.